Why honor George Zimmerman?

A Florida gun show decided to have George Zimmerman as the guest of honor.


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5 Responses to Why honor George Zimmerman?

  1. sharon says:

    Fear sells the products.

  2. Cynical Susan says:

    Why? “Join our constitutional-backed group, buy a gun, kill a thug — that is, protect yourself — get away with it, become a hero!”

  3. Bill Revill says:

    How many ways can you say “appalling?”

  4. DickG says:

    Maybe George will have a short life-span. Think about it.

    A lot of states have “stand your ground” laws which seem to mean “shot to kill if you feel threatened.” After all, loud music and hallucinations about somebody coming at you seems to be enough defense if you kill somebody – if you are white, of course. [If you are black, though, shooting a warning shot into the ceiling to warn off an abusive boyfriend will get you 20 years. But I digress.]

    George Zimmerman is a proven killer, and a LOT of rational people could easily think that he is dangerous, particularly because he seems to be so gun-besotted and ready and willing to use it.

    So is it hard to imagine that some day George will get a bit belligerent or confrontational with somebody also armed who would have every reason to be frightened and would kill George in self defense, out of legitimate fear?

    I’d be concerned if I were George.