Selfies for Ash Wednesday!

NA-CA283A_ASHSE_G_20140305191828Really. What more needs to be said, other than congratulations to Doug, our newly-minted Hot Dogma! correspondent. (Please don’t tell him there’s actually no pay in the title. I lied and said there was.)

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5 Responses to Selfies for Ash Wednesday!

  1. leftover says:

    Narcissistic? Christians? Hogwash!

    And I am SO happy it’s hip to be Catholic again. Because…you know…too many have suffered. Showing its True Colors, The Church will turn the tide against scandal, corruption and criminality, allowing Catholics to again revel in doing what they do best: Whatever they damn well please.

    They should, however, take a cue from the Kentucky Baptists: Forget the pancakes and bingo and embrace firearms giveaways. Think of the possibilities. Especially if background checks could be eliminated because it impinged on their God-given right to exercise religion. And what better giveaway to start Lent than one featuring this Israel Military Industries gold plated Desert Eagle Hand Cannon. Include a Baby Desert Eagle to make it truly a family affair and get one up on the Protestants.

    Forget selfies and smudges. Nothing says salvation like “semiautomatic”.

  2. Paul says:

    Reminds me of the George Carlin joke about dashboard Jesus.
    People always have him looking at them instead of turned around, keeping an eye out for traffic.