The cockpit is no place for a woman

indexOr so a WestJet passenger said, in a note sent up to the female airline captain. The Bible told him so. That’s because all the knobs and thingies are so confusing for the lady-mind, which is dedicated to thinking about diapers and meat loaf, I guess. That, or just the description — “cockpit” — is suspicious.

I suppose the only response is for the lady captain to hand the reins over to the disgruntled passenger. You don’t want her to fly? Here. You take over, you ignit mouth-breather.

And thanks, Jay, for the link.

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5 Responses to The cockpit is no place for a woman

  1. Jay Croft says:

    Why not? That’s a good suggestion, so long as you or I are not already on board that plane.

    When TSA asks me for my driver’s license I’m very tempted to reply, “But I’m not going to pilot this plane!”

  2. sharon says:

    And I thought a God-fearing man like that would have been happy to have a woman at the wheel. You know, in case the Rapture started and Jesus couldn’t get to him right away, the plane would still have someone at the controls. (Because obviously the lady pilot wasn’t a real Christian because she wasn’t actively submitting to a man while she was at the controls.)

    • Cynical Susan says:

      I don’t know about you, but I always put on a fake beard and a backwards ball-cap when I get into my car, so no one will be nervous about a (gasp) woman driving.

  3. Jac says:

    Just when you think we’re getting beyond some of these things, some idiot spouts off his ignorance. I wonder if anyone would dare say such a thing, when our grandkids are running the world. I hope, at least, what comes out of the mouths of those in Washington isn’t gender ignorant by then.