Church giving away guns to “point people to Jesus.”

m4jesus1You cannot make this stuff up. Add this to the document “Christians Giving Christians A Bad Name:”

The Kentucky Baptist Convention is giving away guns to bring in the sheaths of unbelievers who might need a little firepower as incentive. A direct quote:

“The number of unchurched men who will show up will be in direct proportion to the number of guns you give away.”

Baby Jesus is both crying and tearing down the slats of His crib.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

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7 Responses to Church giving away guns to “point people to Jesus.”

  1. sharon says:

    This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. And now we know there are unchurched men without guns in Kentucky. I never would have guessed there were any in that category.

  2. leftover says:

    “Jesus is on that mainline…
    Call Him up and tell Him what you want.”

    Hello, Jesus? I would love that Savage 17HMR Brother McAlister is giving away. Thank-you, Jesus. Oh…and I’ll need to pass the background check, too, Jesus. I know You forgive me for that little incident at the convenience store last spring, but if you could see your way clear of making sure it doesn’t pop up any red flags along the way I sure would appreciate it. Thank-you Jesus. Thank-you Lord. God Bless America.

  3. sharon says:

    “The movement fees off of power and powerlessness, off of subjugation and control. It induces mass delusion. And the crowd, stripped of personal initiative, soon projects its dreams and aspirations for power through the leader. The surrender of personal power allows believers to indulge in fantasies about becoming instruments of a limitless, divine power. As the spiritual vacuum grows, as fear increases, violence in the name of God becomes not only seductive but imperative. The movement, to compensate for the loss of personal power and submission, fosters a warrior cult and feeds its hapless followers a steady diet of battles, wars and apocalyptic violence.” Chris Hedges, American Fascists, Chapter 4, The Cult of Masculinity.

  4. Mike the Heathen says:

    This particular church aside…

    Q: Is it possible for a law-abiding citizen who chooses to own a gun for self-defense to be a decent, spiritual person?

  5. Mike the Heathen says:

    Q: Is it possible for those who willfully disobey a law to register their guns to be decent, spiritual people?

    • leftover says:

      Spiritual? Who knows? What the hell does “spiritual” mean?

      Decent? That would depend, I suppose, on the reason why the law wasn’t followed. As the article states, there’s no clear indication why so many registrations might not have been done. Officials can’t even state with certainty the number of applicable firearms left unregistered under the law.

      If I were a criminal, I certainly would not want to register my AR-15. Would that put me in the same boat with “decent” people refusing to register theirs to protest the law? Or in the same boat with those “decent” folk who think the law doesn’t apply to them?

      But…as history has repeatedly shown…when it comes to firearms…or decency… in America, anything is “possible.”