Gender equality and peace are linked.

indexRead this piece in The Guardian. And then by all means, read this.

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3 Responses to Gender equality and peace are linked.

  1. leftover says:

    I like this part:

    Transforming gender relations requires both women and men to change the way they think about their roles and identities, and indicators focused on men’s and women’s attitudes are vital to challenging social norms and values.
    pg 5

    That implies a move toward substantive, as opposed to formal, equality.

    Everybody In! Nobody Out! (Sorry…couldn’t resist.)

    The question is: Can substantive equality be achieved when the dominant global economic ideology demands inequality?

    • Susan Campbell says:

      No, which means the dominant global ideology demands must be changed. Or ignored entirely.

      • leftover says:

        Well…can’t ignore them.
        For instance…how long have we been putting up with THIS in our country. If NGOs in what we define as “more developed” countries are developing global MDGs without employing a critical examination of how global…and local… economics affect disparity, inequity and inequality, the wheels just spin, throw a lot of mud around but don’t go anywhere.