So if you ask a dude the inane questions you ask a chick on the red carpet:

This is what you get. Yay, Kevin Spacey! If I’m ever on the red carpet and someone asks me stupid stuff like this, I’m going to repeat his answers, exactly.

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7 Responses to So if you ask a dude the inane questions you ask a chick on the red carpet:

  1. sharon says:

    Kevin Spacey is one cool customer. Check out his interview with Jon Stewart last week.

  2. Jac says:

    Funny! I walked a red carpet (not that one) and I laugh at what I would have said if anyone had asked those questions. Since I’m a no name, no one would have asked, but my answers would have been similar…except, I’d have to turn around and ask the interviewer to look at the label. I’d most likely follow up with info on the sale price, because I love a bargain. Spanks? No, thanks. (WTF?) Oh, Spanx? Still, no thank you. Hair? I doused it with the rest of the can of travel sized hairspray and hoped for the best.

  3. Cynical Susan says:

    One of my guilty pleasures is a long-time subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Despite their being a spin-off of People Magazine, they have some fairly decent reviews of books / music / movies, which is in their favor. But they always devote at least a page or two to What The Women Wore to the Oscars or whatever — including which was the BEST outfit and which was the WORST. Needless to say there is rarely a feature about what the men wore. I like a pretty, well-designed, well-made dress, but it’s hard to believe — no, make that annoying — that we still focus so much on this.

  4. Cynical Susan says:

    And…….. actually I wish Spacey had really gotten into EVERY detail about his appearance. It might have opened some eyes. Or not…….