Puritan pope has Protestant work ethic, shuns summer fun for ceaseless toil

So THIS is more fun than wake boarding?

So THIS is more fun than wake boarding?

Pope Francis, the Engels-loving commissar of the Catholic Church, has once again stood proud tradition on its head by refusing to take a summer vacation.

Unlike many of his fellow popes, going all the way back to my man Urban VIII (1623-1649), Francis has decided to embrace the chilly Protestant tradition of toiling without cease until the sweet release of the grave.

That means he won’t spend any time this summer at Castel Gandolfo, the tumbledown cottage with cramped but comfy rooms that’s full of gently mildewing beach books, maintained by the Vatican as a papal summer share since the days when it was a normal thing to execute people for witchcraft. Shamelessly shaming his siesta-seeking co-reilgionists, the newly Genevan pontiff will instead spend the golden months of the summer hunkered down at his office, anxiously going over the papal finances and trying to land the big Johnson account before Mr. Dithers gives him a pink slip.

To make it even clearer that he has shunned the comfortable existence of a bishop of Rome for the drab furniture and theology-inspired workaholism of the Reformed Church, Francis is not even staying in the cushy papal domicile:

“Francis, who as Archbishop of Buenos Aires didn’t take any summer holidays, will continue living in the Domus Santa Marta, the modern Vatican guesthouse where he has set up his headquarters, shunning the Renaissance glory of the papal apartments.”

The effect this will have on the Excommunicators, the Vatican’s feared summertime beach volleyball team, was not immediately apparent at press time.

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6 Responses to Puritan pope has Protestant work ethic, shuns summer fun for ceaseless toil

  1. sharon says:

    Most of us don’t get vacation the first year on a new job. It seems only fair that Francis would wait until next year.

    • Susan Campbell says:

      I just started a new job and had to stop and think about how many vacation days I have. Do you think this means Francis is a closet Protestant?

  2. jaycroft says:

    I’ve known clergy who, after just a few months in a new parish, decide that they need a full month’s vacation.

  3. HC Here says:

    Good principles of internal control demand that senior officers and anyone involved in the management of cash take periodic vacation time away from work. They can’t be there every day in case they are covering something up. Could the Catholic Church have something to hide?

  4. Kay wizz says:

    Interesting. Another recent pope,maybe John XXIII, wanted to spend summer in Vatican but was persuaded that the economy of the Gandolfo region depended on the Pope’s summer residency.
    Re: “cushy papal domicile”. I had to laugh. The pictures and visitor’s accounts of John Paul II and Benedict’s papal apartments are drab and strictly utilitarian. No luxury whatsoever. I thought Pope Francis didn’t want to live there because it was too isolating and large, not cushy. JPII wasn’t into creature comforts, remember his old frayed shirts, and Benedict cared only about books.