God or Beyonce: Your decision at this year’s Super Bowl

Some of us have been burned out on the Super Bowl Halftime Show ever since they stopped enlisting the services of Up With People, but we are in the minority among Super Bowl watchers; last year the halftime show (you remember, MIA with the middle finger) had three million more viewers than the game itself.

Those of us who spurn the annual extravagance now have a holy alternative to Beyonce (who, if the Internet is to be believed, might be the devil), or two holy alternatives, in both Catholic and Jewish variety.

According to Religion News Service, Catholic TV and EWTN are teaming up for the Faith Bowl, which involves Vin Scully, so it can’t be too bad. And Yeshiva University will be showing (online) The Torah Super Bowl Halftime Show, featuring scholars who draw athletics-themed lessons from the Hebrew Bible.

It actually sounds like good fun, UNTIL THE TRASH TALK STARTS:

“We won’t be lip-syncing,” said Rabbi Kenneth Brander.

Oh snap, Rabbi Kenneth Brander.


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One Response to God or Beyonce: Your decision at this year’s Super Bowl

  1. HC Here says:

    I don’t think I have ever watched a halftime show. The problem is, after stepping away to do other things after the first half ends, remembering to come back to at least see the last five minutes of the game.

    If I missed something really spectacular, they will show it on the news. Plus, there is always the feigned, “Darn, I missed that when I stepped away” line if conversation at work bogs down into a blow-by-blow replay.