Thank you for the Newtown donations. Now please stop.

Town officials in Newton, Conn., the site of a  horrible school shooting on Dec. 14 that left 20 school children and six teachers and administrators dead, have asked that people stop sending donations like teddy bears to their town.

Though the gestures are appreciated, the town is overwhelmed. You can read more here.

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3 Responses to Thank you for the Newtown donations. Now please stop.

  1. Ben says:

    Your headline is very misleading and very rude. After reading the article you linked to, directly from the selectman in Newton regarding donations, no where in the article do they ask for donations to cease. In fact what they request is that the general public research the charity or division of local or school government in which to donate to. In other words, use some common sense so you don’t get scammed. They also do not say anywhere in the article that the twon feels overwhelmed by donations. They asked for reasonable time to process donations and noted that it is best to be patient to hear how your type of donation has helped. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR HEADLINE. This “reporting” style gives all news agencies a bad name. I only hope that this doesn’t make the rounds too fast Facebook because you will be solely responsible for some people not making donations they had planned to make. I hope you sleep well tonight knowing that most people will not read the linked article and will only assume that your bogus headline must actually be true.

    • Susan Campbell says:

      Ah, headlines. Did you read the “donations like teddy bears” part? The first link is to warn people away from scam artists if they want to donate money. The second link is an explanation as to why the toys, etc., need to stop. I think even a cursory glance — without clicking on the links — would tell a reader that the donations of toys (like teddy bears) are too much right now. If they don’t want to read, maybe they can look at the picture. As for “overwhelmed,” did you see this on the link: “but can’t handle the donation deluge.” They’re overwhelmed with donations. Nowhere do I discourage people from donating, but I think donating smart is always a good idea. And bless your heart. And take off the caps lock.

    • Tom Breen says:

      Deep breaths. The AP story linked to is only six paragraphs, and this was in the fourth:

      “They say the small community’s ability to process, store and distribute the goods was quickly overwhelmed.”