Here’s what happened to some Honduran kids after they were deported

alejandro-at-the-border-e1405615964684Just as these folks wanted, some Honduran children were deported back to their home country and guess where they were found next?

That’s right. The morgue. So stand tall, asswipes. You did that. You protested and lobbied and sent those children back to their deaths. You.

Why we fight

catcalls2Helen sends this, a piece of fluff from the New York Post (I know. Right?) on why catcalling is really kind of awesome and hairy-legged feminists should just get over themselves when they winge on about objectification.

I think I paraphrased that right.

This, boys and girls, is why feminists like me drop our faces into our hands, this twirl-your-hair, I’m-just-a-girl-and-I-want-your-undivided-attention stance taken by writers who really, really really want, well, your attention.

I wish for the author lots of love — the real kind, not the kind shouted on the street — and a big boost to her self esteem so that she doesn’t have to go seeking it from random people on the street, and I wish for her a nanosecond of reflection on how this kind of catcalling opens the door for all kinds of behavior, and not the kind that’s pleasant, either. Bless her heart.

No More Fear! in Hartford

HartfordWhile things continue in flux at Ferguson, Mo., Hartford community leaders are planning No More Fear!, a free public forum that starts at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Parker Memorial Community Center at 2621 Main St., Hartford.

Community leaders planned the event to talk about violence in the city. The intent, say the planners, is to bring together community resources, community organizations, law enforcement and residents.

A second event in November will explore employment, mental health, child support services, gun violence, and housing assistance.

Moderators for Thursday’s forum include Lew Brown, respected retired television reporter, and Anthony Griffin, business owner and community activist.

Speakers will include Henrietta Beckman, of Mothers United Against Violence; Mr. Stephan Palmer, Good Soil Entertainment Ministry; Mr. Kevin Outar, Community Outreach, FatherWorks – The Village for Families and Children; Ms. Damaris Reyes-Goodman – Project Longevity, and Sgt. Sergeant Steve Austin of Hartford’s police department.

For more information, contact Damaris Reyes-Goodman at 860-371-1044, or email [email protected]

I weigh 150. You?

o-MUSCLE-TISSUE-570If you’re a female living in the U.S.A., when it comes to weight, you live in a hall of mirrors. Our discontent has been manufactured, and then commodified.

I wrote this for C-HIT.

Read Trayvon Martin’s mother’s letter

Image: Sybrina FultonSybrina Fulton writes to the family of Michael Brown:

…know this: neither of their lives shall be in vain. The galvanizations of our communities must be continued beyond the tragedies. While we fight injustice, we will also hold ourselves to an appropriate level of intelligent advocacy. If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us.

Doctor performs abortion because he’s a Christian

Willie J. ParkerCynical sends this, an amazing interview with Dr. Willie Parker. And here’s the equally amazing profile of Dr. Parker in Esquire.

Answers to some questions from conservatives

never-sell-a-liberal-the-same-way-as-a-conservative-02-14-2012-road-signSome writers who call themselves Chicks On the Right wanted some answers, and Liberals Unite accommodated them here. Here’s a sampling:

How do you define a “living wage” exactly?

A living wage is a wage that is enough to provide the necessities of life: food, clothing shelter. If a person works a full time job, that job should pay enough to meet those necessities. It doesn’t have to pay for cable TV, it doesn’t have to be enough to take a vacation in Cancun. It doesn’t have to be enough to put your beloved filet mignon on the table every night of the week, or even once a month, although it would be nice if maybe once a year, on a special occasion, there would be enough saved up – but not necessary. Do I have to bring up WalMart again?


Maybe you should write non-fiction.

MarkTwainWbBut maybe you need someone to hound you into doing so.

I’m teaching a six-week course in non-fiction writing at the Mark Twain House and Museum, starting on Thursday, Oct. 2. The classes start at 6 and go to 8 p.m.

(Want to register? Go here, or call Julia Pistell at 860-280-3130, or email her at [email protected].)


Jihadists heart Robin Williams

127135aWhen popular comedian/actor Robin Williams died last week — apparently by his own hand — mourners weighed in from around the world — including a jihadi who particularly liked “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Jumanji.” From Alex Horton, at Foreign Policy:

The Islamic State stands for the complete opposite of everything I value as an American and a citizen of the world. They’re brutal. Barbaric. Sadistic, maybe. But Evil, with a capital E? Abdullah? How could someone who smiles at the mention of “bangarang” be evil?

Ferguson was just waiting to happen

resizeIn 2008, Colin Gordon wrote a book, “Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City.” In light of the continued unrest in Ferguson, Mo., (after more clashes, Gov. Jay Nixon has called in the National Guard to restore order) over the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year old African American man, check out how the depreciation and despair of Michael Brown’s town and others are the result of careful and strategic, system-wide segregation.

Ferguson was just waiting to happen. Writes Gordon:

The result is a potent combination: a metro area southern in its race relations and northern in its organization and regulation of property. Those race relations are always most fragile on the frontier of racial transition. And when that frontier sits in a struggling inner suburb—its citizens mostly black, its police almost exclusively white—the fuse is always lit. The surprise in Ferguson is not what happened, but why it does not happen more often.

You can explore more here. Or here.

And thanks, Leftover, for the links.

When it comes to inter/multi-faith, follow the money

C38Susannah sends this, a thoughtful blog post by Dr. Karl E.H. Seigfried on why “inter-faith” (my seminary training taught me to call it “multi-faith,” as “inter” denotes a melding) dialogue often strictly means “inter-Abrahamic.” Ager writes:

When I asked one of the organizers of a global conference focused on religions of the world if the event would include representatives from minority faith communities, he gave a financial answer: “Of course we are committed to reaching out to everyone. Financial requirements limit the things we can do. But that’s the case with everything it seems. We aspire to better things, and then money has its say.”

Money does indeed have its say. As the recent Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court of the United States showed us, members of religious traditions that can muster cash and votes can directly influence the course of public life. Those without such assets – like the members of the Native American Church that were less successful in their own Supreme Court case – do not have the ability to break through into the nation’s dialogue on religion.

This is not Rosie the Riveter.

download (3)This is:

You can learn about the difference here.rosie-the-riveter-1943

If you lost a primary, wouldn’t you want to dump ice water on the winner?

Defeated Republican candidate for governor John McKinney douses successful Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley.

This is how the ice bucket challenge went viral.

Bless you, Capt. Johnson

Ron JohnsonMissouri Gov. Jay Nixon put Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson (pictured) in charge of security in Ferguson, Mo., a town roiled by protests after police shot an 18-year old African American youth under suspicious circumstances.

Capt. Johnson, a native of the area, met with protesters. He joined hands with them. He had his officers remove their gas masks. And things were calmer than they’ve been since Saturday’s shooting. Here. Read about protesters hugging Capt. Johnson. Go figure.

Now if we can just figure out why Michael Brown was shot, and why that sort of shooting happens far too often. And why local police forces use such huge firepower.

(People in the Hartford area? There’s a Stand With Ferguson rally at noon tomorrow at the corner of Albany and Main. St.)

Do you remember “public good?”

download (2)Mike Stout, of Missouri State University (saLUTE!), asks what’s happened to it, on one of my new favorite websites, shared by Leftover.

For the last few years, we have relied on the market to cure social ills. The problem with that, writes Stout:

…is that the interests of the market, and the small number of wealthy elites and corporate interests that have taken control of it, generally don’t align with the interests of the general public. The market has one objective — to produce profits. Profits are generated through competition. However, profitability and competition often come at the expense of the natural environment in the form of pollution, at the expense of living wages for low-skill workers, and at the expense of opportunity, which becomes more highly concentrated into a relatively small proportion of people’s hands as they accumulate wealth at a rate that is faster than economic growth (as Piketty so elegantly illustrates in his book Capital in the 21st Century).

An open letter from God re: Ferguson

Police Shooting Misso_Schu(2)

Mark Sandlin writes at Patheos:

Even as my children huddle together to demand better treatment, even as those with power use force over and against those very groups, you are more disturbed by the loss of one of the elite. Admittedly, he one of the very best, but elite none-the-less.

I assure you, while you rightfully mourned him, there was much laughter here as he arrived.

Yes, it was a tragic loss and, yes, there is much to learn from it, but what’s going on in Ferguson is equally tragic and there is much to learn from it too.

Ferguson offers you a snapshot of what your nation has become – and where it seems to be going.

And thanks, Michael, for sending this along.